This Months Wrap Up

The monthly wrap up. Well its been a big few months here on the site and we thought you know what, lets have a look at what the hell we have actually covered and enlightened you bunch of blokes and chicks with! Yes chicks as well, we know you ladies are reading this crap and lapping it up 😉

Do We Like Big Boobs?

Tacking the big issues here and the obviously. Lets face it, if you need to click on the article to answer that question, maybe find a doc to search for your nuts. Read More

Finding A Partner

This shit is hard! For realz! And this article is dating gold! Tricks on how to find the perfect lady delivered in one spot. Read more.

Does Size Really Matter?

Our lovely lady contributors have given us some insight into the age old question every man really wants to know… Read more

Why Should I Buy A Motor Bike

Looking at increasing your tough status? Well this article has your covered you pussy. Read More