Spicing Up The Relationship.

We have had a reader send in this story from him and his wife. He thought we might like to know how they spiced up their love life.

‘Hey Big Jim, love the website. Reading through your posts I wanted to let you know of an experience my wife and I had with a threesome. I am a fly in fly out miner in Perth and my wife flew over for a weekend in the big smoke. We thought different postcode, different rules and decided being on the other side of the country was a great option for exploring some sexual fantasies. We used the escort directory we saw on your website to find an private Perth escort and can I just say, it was the best decision we have ever made. The chick was hot, professional and holy shit, what a friggin awesome night. Just thought some of your other readers might be considering it and wanted to encourage them to give it a go hey! Thanks Jimbo, keep up the great work’

Fuck yes Jack! That’s marriage done right, well-done big fella!! Big Jimbo