Do We Like Big Boobs?

Do We Like Big Boobs? The answer to that question is… Of course we do! No body loves a well endowed woman more than a real man! The science behind this is quite interesting? “Recent studies have found that¬†nipple stimulation¬†enhances sexual arousal in the great majority of women, and it activates the same brain areas […]

Finding a partner can be a real bitch!

Finding A Partner

Finding a partner these days can be a real bitch! After trawling all of the online dating sites you are probably better off visiting a private escort directory and getting a hot chick for the night! It sure beats having to sit and talk for hours about stuff that you are not interested in just to get laid! On the other hand if you are one of these new age sensitive guys that likes to have a girl friend… you may be better off resorting to old school dating.